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Tiffin Service Mount Waverly – Homemade South Indian Food Delivery

With our lives getting more hectic every day, we are hardly getting time to cook good meals for our family. To gratify the hungry stomach, we are making short stops for the easily available fast foods that come with a lot of health worries. If you are in Mount Waverly and are looking for healthy home cooked South Indian recipes, sign up with Tasty Wheels.

With a team of talented chefs who have a great passion for cooking, we deliver yummy, tasty, healthy, home-cooked food to our customers across Mount Waverly and the surrounding suburbs at the most reasonable prices. All of our South Indian recipes are prepared in our own well-documented kitchen and delivered to our customers right at their doorstep.

Healthy Meals:

Our chefs scout the freshest ingredients to prepare healthy meals without adding artificial food colours, unhealthy additives and additional preservatives. All of our recipes are made with love, just the way you prepare it in your own kitchen.

Easy Ordering:

Simply load your wallet, explore our menus, choose the meals for the week, have the meals delivered at your doorstep, sit back and relish the recipes. No calls and follow ups – your meal will arrive at the doorstep at your scheduled time.

New Recipes Coming Along The Way:

Yes, we want to be innovative and ever changing when it comes to the recipes we provide for our customers. We understand that consuming the same recipes every time can be bit boring, which is why we keep on changing our menu every week.

Vegetarian And Non-Vegetarian Recipes:

In order to gratify every lover of South Indian Recipes, we cook and deliver both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. From briyani and curry varieties to chutneys, sides and addons, we have a lot of menu options to choose from.

So, if you want to satisfy your craving for authentic South Indian recipes, call 0402 473 243 or order online.